St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church
of Boston, MA

Parish Endowments

Over the years, our parish has been very blessed to receive many endowments to ensure the future of our parish for generations to come. Below is a list of the endowment funds of St. George Church. For more information regarding these funds, or if you are interested in donating towards any of these funds, please contact the Church Office at 617.323.0323 or via email

Youth Ministry Endowments

  • 21st Century Fund - To support the employment of a Pastoral Assistant and/or Youth Director for the Parish.
  • Jeffrey L. Laham Memorial Fund - To be used each year for Youth Ministry expenses.
  • Church School Fund - To be used each year for Church School expenses. 
  • Antiochian Village Fund - To provide Camp Scholarships for campers from the Parish. 
  • Michael Hamaty Scholarship Fund - To provide college scholarships to members of the Parish.
  • Joseph A. Hadge Fund - To provide scholarships for seminarians from the Parish.

Building & Grounds Endowments

  • Rectory Fund - To be used to offset operational expenses of the parish.
  • Building Addition Fund - To be used for new building projects authorized by the Parish general assembly.
  • Monsour & Nellie Laham Fund - To be used as needed on a project basis.
  • Capital Improvement Fund - To be used for miscellaneous maintenance projects at the Church.

Humanitarian & Outreach

  • Michael Hamaty Humanitarian Fund - To provide assistance for incapacitated members of the Parish.


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