St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church
of Boston, MA

Parish Council

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church of Boston
2017 Parish Council

The Parish Council is made up of parishioners who are elected or appointed to serve, along with the Pastor, as coordinators of the spiritual and temporal welfare of the church.  The Council provides leadership in areas of regular parish life such as; community building, church growth, program development, membership, outreach, property management, finance and budgeting.  The Council is also responsible for oversight of parish organizations and program direction.  Elections to the Council are held once each year at the Annual Parish Meeting.  Qualified parishioners are encouraged to serve the community through this unique and important ministry. Council members serve on select committees and meet regularly once a month with additional meetings as needed.


Pastor, Protosyngellos Timothy J. Ferguson

Youth Director, open position


Officers (2 year terms)

Chairperson, Michael Sassine- March 2017 (1st term)

Vice-Chairperson, to be elected from council

Secretary, Dr. Michel Fayad - March 2017 (2nd term)

Treasurer, Emile Maalouf - March 2017 (1st term)


Elected Members (2 year terms):

Elias Abi-Elias - 2016 (2nd term)

George Audi - 2016 (2nd term)

Rima Audy – 2017 (1st term)

BecharaDemien - 2017 (2nd term)

George Jreige – 2017 (2nd term)

Kenneth Laham - 2016 (1st term)

Michel Melhem - 2016 (2nd term)


Appointed (1 year term):

 Dr. Scott Easton – appointed 2017

Organization Representatives (1 year terms):

Marsha Jabour - Ladies Society

Linda Ayoub - Adult Fellowship

Vera Rubeiz - PTO


Honorary voting Members:

Members of the Archdiocesan Board of Trustees

Dr. Anthony Bashir

Gregory Laham

Robert Laham

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