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Calendar of Events
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Message From Fr. Timothy - May/June 2019

A poet once observed that “death is a reality with the longest shadow”. Our prehistoric ancestors resigned themselves to their inability to escape the reach of that long shadow or else they put up a brave front in the face of it. Our forebearers’ belief in life beyond the grave was very ambiguous and often unpersuasive.

Even as recently as Old Testament times the question of death and afterlife remained unclear for the most part.


Saint of the Month - May/June 2019 - St. Sophia the Righteous

This holy ascetic, newly glorified in 2011, was born as Sophia Saoulidi in 1883 in Trebizond, Turkey. In 1907 she married, but her husband disappeared seven years later, leaving her with a newborn son. Not long afterward her beloved only son also died. Turning from the world, she placed all her trust in God, spending her time in solitary prayer on a mountain near her town.


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