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Monthly Message from Fr. Ghassan - Nov-Dec 2022

Sanctification of the human body Man is the temple of the living God. This is an apostolic teaching in our church, which means that just as the grace of God, the grace of the Holy Spirit dwells in the church, the same applies to the human body and we are the temples of the living God. We call God living because He is not isolated somewhere in heaven and we simply believe in and accept Him, because He resides in us, and we are His temple. Of course, St. Paul does not mean that a part of existence is the temple of God, but rather that the whole person is destined to become the temple of God and when that is achieved it becomes reality. This is the reason why we show great respect and honor to the entire human person.


Upcoming Services & Events

Tuesday, May 30
7 pmArabic Bible Study
Saturday, June 3
5 pmDivine Liturgy (Arabic)
Sunday, June 4
8:50 amMatins
10 amDivine Liturgy
1 pmAdult Catechism (Online)
Tuesday, June 6
7 pmArabic Bible Study
Saturday, June 10
5 pmGreat Vespers
Sunday, June 11
8:50 amMatins
10 amDivine Liturgy
1 pmAdult Catechism (Online)
Tuesday, June 13
7 pmArabic Bible Study

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Saint of the Month - November-December 2022-St. John the Merciful

Saint John the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria, was born on Cyprus in the seventh century into the family of the illustrious dignitary Epiphanius. At the wish of his parents he entered into marriage and had children. When the wife and the children of the saint died, he became a monk. He was zealous in fasting and prayer, and had great love for those around him.



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