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Message From Fr. Timothy - Summer (July-August) 2021 - Gone Fishing

Sister Flavia, my fourth-grade teacher, had us memorize Bible verses. Every few weeks, she would quiz us. I quickly forgot most of them. Today, if someone asks if I have a favourite scripture quote, I usually answer, half-heartedly, John 21:3. Most people don't recall this one, "I am going fishing."


Monthly Message from Fr. Ghassan - Summer (July-August) 2021

ما هي الكنيسة ما هي الكنيسة؟ كيف نعرِّفها؟ من الصعب تعريف الكنيسة والحياة، لأن ما يحدّد يُقيَّد. يُمكن وصف الكنيسة فقط من خلال لغة الصور ، كالكرمة، كجسد المسيح. عندما نسمع كلمة كنيسة، عادة ما يتبادر إلى ذهننا أما البناء الحجري أو الأساقفة والكهنة أو في بعض الحالات ما بناه أجدادنا وورثناه عنهم، كل هذه الأفكار والمفاهيم خطأ ومشوشة، إنها نتاج أفكارنا الخاصة المجبولة بهذا العالم, وهي أبعد ما يكون عن تعليم وتقليد كنيستنا الأرثوذكسية .


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Saint of the Month - July/August 2021 - St. Sophrony of Essex

He was born in Russia in 1896. As a young man, he lived an artist's life, trying to succeed as a painter while engaging in a wide-ranging spiritual search which included study of the Eastern religions. He fled to Paris during the Russian Revolution. There he rediscovered the Orthodoxy of his childhood and gave his life wholly to repentance and prayer, often spending hours at a time prostrated and weeping on the floor of his Paris apartment



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