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The vision statement of St. George Church states that "As Orthodox Christians, we are dedicated to the spiritual and temporal welfare of our parish. We provide spiritual and educational services aimed at enriching the life of each member. We assure the wellbeing and future growth and development of the parish through an effective administrative and institutional structure. As followers of Christ we are responsible for and accountable to one another. In imitation of Christ we reach out to and respond to the needs of the broader community".  To help accomplish the lofty goals of our vision statement we rely on the ministry provided by several parish organizations.  Our parish organizations respond to a wide range of needs in our parish and in the broader community.  Our organizations take into consideration the diverse population we minister to and develop programs accordingly.  All parishioners are encouraged to support and be involved in one or more of these special ministries.    

Church School

St. George Church School provides our children with a basic education in the Christian faith and in our Orthodox way of life.

Adult Fellowship

The Adult Fellowship offers religious, educational, humanitarian and social programs that provide an opportunity for adult parishioners to be more involved in the life of the community.

Antiochian Women

The Antiochian Women of North America promotes religious, humanitarian and social programs that contribute to the life and growth of our parish.

Outreach Ministries

Some of the ministries and charities in which St. George Church of Boston and its organizations participate.

Liturgical Music

The St. George Church Choir and Chanters lead the faithful in prayer through song. The Choir and Chanters follow the tradition of the Orthodox Church to sing acapella in both traditional byzantine, neo-byzantine, and Russian melodies.

Annual Festival & Bazaar

The Annual Church Festival & Bazaar is held each October as a fundraiser for the church and opportunity to open its doors to the community. Hundreds of people look forward to our annual bazaar for the wonderful ethnic Foods, crafts, raffle items, and church tours that are offered.

Online Donations

To make a secure, one-time or recurring gift for your Stewardship Pledge, Prayer Donations, and other donations , click the secure link above. For enhanced security and giving simplicity, create an account by clicking on the login/signup link in the top right corner after clicking the donate button above. May God bless you for your generosity!