June 2020 Monthly Message - Honoring our Heroes

The front-line heroes of our day are surely the dedicated medical professionals caring for those stricken by the COVID-19 virus.   We are honored to have so many of these heroes as parishioners.  The parish of St. George salutes the many doctors, nurses and care givers of our community and we offer our prayers for each of them as they continue to care for those suffering from this pandemic.  We offer them our thanks and gratitude.  [the illustration is from a wall mural in Bucharest depicting a medical professional with a much deserved ‘halo’]    

Prayer For Doctors and Nurses

 “O Lord Jesus Christ our God, Physician of our souls and bodies, who accepted the pain of our infirmities, and by whose wounds we are healed; Who gave sight to the blind; Who straightened the crippled; Who cast out demons; Who cleansed lepers; Who raised the dead; And who heals every infirmity:  

 Now, O Lord, grant Your blessing and grace to our Doctors, Nurses and all Medical Care Givers who labor to comfort and heal us by the talent You have given each of them. Strengthen them by Your grace, to fear no evil or disease.  Preserve them and the patients they care for in peace.  Grant comfort and strength all Doctors, Nurses and all Medical Care Givers in their work, for You are our God, glorified in the Father and Your most Holy, good, and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages.”   Amen.

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