We offer this prayer when a mother begins her labor.  Actually, from the time a woman discovers she’s pregnant; the Church begins offering prayers and asking blessings on her behalf.   If we look closely at the prayer services of the Church we see there is no other event in life as surrounded with prayers and blessings as childbirth and motherhood.  The absolutely exalted place childbirth and motherhood have in the mind of the Church is clear from Her many prayers and blessings.

At birth we pray that the mother will be, ‘sheltered and protected from this day and for every day of her life’.  When the child is named we pray that God will, ‘restore complete health and vitality to your handmaiden who has given birth and bless this child and record this name in Your book of life.’  While a mother recuperates at home we ask God to ‘nurture all in her house according to Your holy will because in approaching her we also approach Your Holy Name.’ 

When a mother returns to church with her newborn we give thanks and rejoice that she ‘enters into the temple of Your Glory and is worthy of Communion of the Body and Blood of Your only begotten Son’.  At the Baptism we pray for the mother and father, the family, the grandparents, the sponsors, the relatives and friends and everyone witnessing the sacrament.  We also pray for parents who adopt children and ask God to, ‘unite their natures making them as one family’.  We pray earnestly for a woman who suffers a miscarriage that God will ‘restore her health and give her an Angel of peace to comfort her and ease her of any troubles she may suffer’.

Mothers are called the most important part of God’s creation. She offers a dwelling place for an immortal soul.  The angels cannot share in God's creative miracle. Only a woman can. Mothers are closer to the Creator than any other creature. God joins them in performing His act of creation. What is more glorious than this: to be a mother!


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