September 2008 - St. Gregory the Enlightener Bishop of Armenia

St. Gregory the Enlightener, Bishop of Armenia(250 - 335)
Feast Day: 30 September

Gregory was a nobleman, related to the imperial houses of Persia and Armenia. When these two nations went to war with one another, Gregory, withdrew to Cappadocia in Asia Minor, where he heard the Gospel proclaimed and was baptized. There he also married and had two sons. After his wife's death he returned to his homeland and served in the court of Tiridates, king of Armenia. When the king discovered that Gregory was a Christian, he imprisoned the Saint and him to many tortures. But Gregory was miraculously kept alive for fourteen years.  King Tiridates, still cruelly persecuting the Christians in his land, eventually went mad. In a dream, the king's sister was told that her brother would only be restored to sanity when Gregory was freed. This was done, and Gregory healed and baptized his persecutor. At the king's request, Gregory was made bishop of Armenia. As bishop he brought countless thousands to faith in Christ and is counted as the Enlightener of Armenia. In old age he retreated to the monastic life, and reposed in peace in the year 335. 

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